Friday, September 12, 2014

Back In Two Short Weeks.

Hi friends! I would like to take this moment to let you all know that I am taking a mini break from the blog, for two weeks, as I head to Portugal, Spain, and Paris tomorrow. I am absolutely ecstatic about the trip, and cannot wait to share some of my crazy adventures with you. Be sure to check back in a couple weeks, as I will have a ton of great stuff up on the blog, including amazing restaurants, great places to stay, and some unforgettable city tours. 

Remember, you can also keep up with my travels and daily posts on twitter @marquiskim. 

See you in two short weeks! 

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Cerulean.

Top Socialite  |  Skirt Mimi Chica  |  Accessories Aldo

When it comes to dressing for the office, there is nothing I love more than a pencil skirt. This pencil skirt has got to be one of my favourites that I own. It's extremely comfortable, and I love the detail of the zipper going down the back. The white peplum top goes so well with the skirt. Of course, you can pair up almost anything with this fab skirt. You can dress it up with a blazer, or even a tucked in dress shirt. And I can't forget about accessorizing. The statement bracelet I got on, pulled the entire look together. Both, the skirt and the top I purchased on my recent travels to Los Angeles.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Outfit of the Day: A Whole Lot of Prints.

Printed two-piece  |  Target

I am loving the weather these past few days as the sun just won't go away! Nothing makes me happier than sunshine...and this amazing two-piece suit from Target! I was just passing through Target when my eye caught this fabulous set. I adore the print. It's a simple, casual, outfit that I can easily throw on for a summer BBQ or a casual night out for dinner.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Currently Obsessing 4.0

I have a ton of fun things for week 4 of #CurrentlyObsessing! Starting off with the back-to-school, or should I say back-to-style handbag from Aldo Accessories. If you are anything like me, backpacks weren't my thing in school. It was all about the stylish handbag. Second on the list, is the amazing Greenhouse Juice, making some of the most healthiest juices out there. I absolutely love the pineapple, lemon, cucumber, & ginger flavour! Third on the list is one of my favourite furniture stores, Kuda. They bring in furniture from all around South Asia, and feature some really authentic pieces. OPI's Muppets Most Wanted collection is simply amazing. They have such fabulous colours, but my favourite from the collection, is this one here! Fifth on the list is the beautiful, sparkly, dress by French Connection that just has to be a part of my closet! So cute, so chic! A definite must-have. Lastly, this hat from H&M just seems to go with everything I own. I had to put it in this week, because it's too cute not to!

1. Aldo Accessories Yorktown Handbag
2. Greenhouse Juice Pineapple, lemon, cucumber, & ginger flavour
3. Kuda Furniture Mosaic Leaf Floor Lamp from Indonesia
4. OPI Muppets Most Wanted - Chillin' Like a Villain 
5. French Connection Siberian Sequin Dress
6. H&M Wool hat

Hope ya'll enjoyed that. Don't forget to tweet me your fave items of the week @marquiskim #CurrentlyObsessing

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Amethyst Love.

Photography by Ravelle Samaroo

Happy September everyone! I have been awaiting this weekend so that I can show you the beautiful outfit that was custom made specifically for a wedding I attended this weekend. Indian weddings are full of colour, and this weekend was no shortage of bright and bold colours, tons of jewelry, and of course delicious food! I was part of a bridal party, and all the girls custom made their outfits in this colour as well. It looked absolutely fabulous! The great thing about this outfit is that you can do gold or silver jewelry as the beading in the front of the dress is done in both, gold and silver. As you can see, I went with gold.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Currently Obsessing 3.0

Week 3 of #CurrentlyObsessing! Who doesn't LOVE Jonathan Adler's, animal coasters?! So cute. So chic. If you are anything like me, number two on the list, is a must have. I'm not one for popping pills, so when it comes to getting my Vitamins, those Gummy Vites save me! Three on the list, are my all time favourite Valentino shoes! No, I cannot afford them, but yes, I can still dream of having them. Pomegranate scented candles. I love to light a candle after I take a shower. It's very soothing, and perfect to get you in sleep mode. Try the Waterford candles. This grey jumpsuit from Zara is definitely something my closet needs. Okay, it might not need it, but it definitely wants it! Lastly, the most perfect nude lipstick is here ladies! Kate Spade has a beautiful collection of nude lipsticks, and the one I got here is called Sweet Blush.

1. Jonathan Adler Animalia Coasters
2. Gummy Vites Adult Vitamins

Don't forget to share what you are currently obsessing -- @marquiskim #currentlyobsessing

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Turquoise Waters.

This weekend was one filled with Indian weddings! I hardly get to wear Indian outfits, so when I do, I really go full out. I absolutely love the colourful dresses, sari's, and jewellery that you see at Indian weddings. I had to of course, borrow this lovely outfit I'm wearing from a dear friend as I don't actually own one of these dresses. However, soon I will own my very own Kameez (what the outfit below is called) as I am part of a bridal party at the end of this month. I cannot wait, and will definitely post some photos when the outfit is ready.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Currently Obsessing 2.0

Week two of #CurrentlyObsessing! Lets take a look at what I'm loving this week. Absolutely in love with Jonathan Adler's metal side table. So chic and modern! It seems like it would go with any kind of room. Kate Spade's 'Hello Sunshine' phone case. I'm not an iPhone user, however do love that! I'm such a fan of mineral make up, so this blush by Becca, is just perfect! There are many different shades of blush for any type of skin tone. Of course loving the MK watches....pretty much love them all! Yes, this week I've included the Zara trench coat. Because, Fall is pretty much here, and I'll soon be wearing all my trenches. Lastly, who doesn't love this MK bootie?

Don't forget to share what you are currently obsessing -- @marquiskim #currentlyobsessing

1. Jonathan Adler Talitha Side Table
2. Kate Spade Hello Sunshine Iphone Case
3. Becca Mineral Blush
4. Michael Kors Oversized Rose Gold Watch
5. Zara Leather Trench Coat
6. Michael Kors Salem Calf-Hair Bootie

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Coral Reef.

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you already know that I am loving printed pants this summer! Everybody has a 'go-to' piece, and mine has definitely been these printed pants we are seeing everywhere. They are super comfy, and can even feel like pjs. However, you can really dress them up with some funky jewellery, a pair of heels, and a nice top, as you can see I did in these photos. 

Summer is all about colour and prints, so why not incorporate that into your wardrobe? Mix and match things, think outside the box, and try something new! Even mix and match print on print. It may not work, but hey, at least you tried.

Top Winners  |  Accessories Aldo Accessories  |  Pants Winners  |  Shoes Zara

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Currently Obsessing.

Once a week, I would like to share my current obsessions with you all. I've always had a keen eye for fashion & beauty, and I think it's time I share them with everyone. I'm always on the hunt for amazing staple pieces to add to my closet, home, and cosmetics bag, so if there is ever anything that catches your eye, I would love for you to share them with me on twitter. 

@marquiskim #currentlyobsessing

1. Jonathan Adler Jaipur Diamond Throw Pillows 
2. Michael Kors Jaryn Python Tote
3. Rachel Zoe Lacey Cutout Sandals
4. Kate Spade Mesh Bracelet
6. Tory Burch Peggy Sunglasses

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Thornton Winery: Temecula, California.

Temecula Valley is Southern California's wine country and one of the most beautiful areas of California. They have hundreds of award winning wines, and 31 wineries in the area. Thornton Winery was one that we visited while in Temecula Valley. Thornton Winery has been around since 1988, and since, created some delicious wines, sparkling wines, and champagne. The winery itself is a French-styled chateau, overlooking the vineyards of the Temecula Valley.

Thornton Winery has a beautiful cafe called the Cafe Champagne which serves a mouth watering menu for every kind of palette. The food served is paired well with the wines and champagnes they offer, so in most cases, guest will come for a bite to eat as well as the tastings, which is exactly what I did while I visited Thornton Winery.

They have a massive selection of wines and champagnes.

I do recommend stopping for lunch as their menu is carefully selected and fits perfectly with most of their wines.

Before they serve you the wine, they provide you with a sheet of the wines you've selected. The sheet gives you some good information on the chosen wines and tells you exactly what foods you should be pairing with the wines.

They place each wine tasting over the description on the sheet so you know exactly what wine you are drinking. 

Of course we ordered a platter of cheese and breads. It was served with a light maple honey dressing.

Seafood was a must for some at our table. This dish in particular was called Seafood Cioppino. It had shrimps, scallops, mussels, crab, lobster, and fresh fish simmered in a spicy tomato and garlic broth.

More seafood for the seafood lovers.

This was a delicious breaded chicken breast served with baked potato and veggies in a Tarragon cream sauce---HEAVENLY.

We kept ordering different types of wines. They have the most unusual wines at Thornton Winery. I urge you to try at least 3 different sets of wines. Most sets come with five different wines/champagnes.

The Temecula Valley is such a beautiful sight. You are surrounded by the greenery of the vineyards, and of course in the distance, the breath-taking mountains of California.

My lovely man and I posing for a photo by the scenic vineyards in the distance.

More stunning views of the vineyards.

That concludes my blog on the Thornton Winery. Hope you enjoyed that and do visit the winery as it is truly a lovely experience for those who love wine and even those who are not so much into wine.

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